What Do You Mean You Are Highly Motivated?

Are You Saying You Can Be Bought?

The dictionary defines motivated as: to provide someone with a motive or reason to do something. In return for doing something the motivated individual receives money, power, profit, rewards, promotions, recognition, raises, bonuses, acknowledgement, new job, a job or anything else the “motivated” individual may value.

The definition implies we do things for a reason which could be as simple as “out of the goodness of our hearts”, but when it comes to employment that is seldom the reason. In essence no one is inherently motivated; there is a reason for their motivation and the greater the reason or reward the more highly motivated someone will typically be.

If Your Profile or Resume States You Are Motivated or Highly Motivated; What Motivates You?

I am frequently asked and I regularly choose to read many profiles and resumes which often times state the individual is motivated or highly motivated. The question I ask is what is the source of the motivation?

There are many individuals, as well as professional resume and profile writers, who include this statement but I have not found a single profile or resume stating the source of their motivation. If you are going to put it on your profile or in your resume; you had better be prepared to have a good explanation as to what motivates you.

My Motivation Story

Many years ago I worked for IBM as a Systems Engineer. I wasn’t much for being in the office; I loved being in the field with my customers and that is where I spent my time. Because I was seldom in the office I frequently did not hear about things when they were told to everyone else (the days before email).

One day I was in the office and heard about this great dinner a couple of my co-workers and their spouses had attended with our manager and his wife. I learned the dinner was a reward for winning a monthly sales contest. My interest was piqued and I asked what I had to do to participate. They laid out the rules for me and from then on I was one of the winners month in and month out. I was motivated! The reward was worth the effort.

What Is Your Motivation?

If someone were to ask what motivates you; how would you answer? Would you respond pay, recognition, promotion, reward or what? I believe it would be a tough question to answer without sounding self-serving, patronizing or insincere.

However, for your own understanding it’s a great question to answer. Knowing what motivates you can help you as you make career decisions.

Motivated or Highly Motivated; Does it Make a Difference?

Do you remember the movie “A Few Good Men” with Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore. There is one courtroom scene where the prosecution asks a question and the Demi Moore character says, “I object” and the judge overrules her objection. Demi’s character then says, “I strenuously object” and of course the judge overrules again.
As they point out in the movie what does it mean to “strenuously object”.

Whether it’s highly motivated or strenuously objecting it’s simply an adverb added to a verb. Don’t do it!

Motivated or Highly Motivated: Does the Recruiter or Hiring Manager Really Care?

Although being motivated may sound like a good thing to say; recruiters and hiring managers don’t care! I am still waiting to see a job posting asking for someone who is motivated or highly motivated. If you see one, please send the link to me. Until then, I will stick with the position it is wasted words.

Once you are hired your manager may start caring as they get to know you and understand what makes you tick; but initially it’s a moot point and making the statement may hurt you more than it helps!


Whether it is your profile or resume; you don’t have real estate to waste and putting motivated or highly motivated is just wasting important space. Make every word count and have a purpose.


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