Tom Up Close

What I Love!

I live networking, I love networking, I teach networking!

However, like most of you; networking did not come naturally. In fact I once had a manager at IBM suggest I take the Dale Carnegie Course “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. He felt I was lacking some basic social skills! I listened and did the logical thing, to me, I bought and read the book!

This is not the course of action I would recommend!

My name is Tom Staskiewicz and my goal is to help everyone do a little better, get a little further and reach the success they are destined to achieve! I live in West Linn, Oregon, a Portland suburb with my wife and 6, no 5, no 4, now 3 and soon to be 2 children. All told I have 9 children and 18 grand-children.

Background and Bio

I could break one of my own rules and say Tom Staskiewicz is ….
but I won’t. I don’t talk in the third person and you shouldn’t either!

I’m a pretty humble person or so I think. I’m not going to tell you I’m an expert; that’s for you to decide. I simply try to learn as much as I can, stay on top of things, and let you know what I have learned.

I’ve had an interesting career working for or with some well known companies and organizations (US Air Force, IBM, Nike, Daimler/Mercedes Benz, AmWay, United Auto Workers, US Bank, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Whirlpool and others) this is not to be a name dropper, but simply rather to validate myself to you. Establishing credibility is an important part of networking.

I created UPPROACH in 2008. UPPROACH is a play on the word Approach. The purpose behind the name is to get people thinking when they do the same old thing it simply generates the same old response. Why not take an UPPROACH to your challenge and come up with new and exciting solutions to the situations you face.

How Can I Help?

Whatever I can do to help you or anyone to move forward in reaching your goals; I’m all for it. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, comment on one of my posts, or email Me

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