Why do I call my company UPPROACH?

For years I have heard business owners, managers, CEOs and people in general talk about changing their approach to business, opportunities and life in general. These comments always made me ask what are they saying; do they simply want a change or are they really going to change for the better? Are they going to take the UPPROACH or simply do the same things in a different way?

How does one take the UPPROACH

Taking the UPPROACH means you are going to interview, assess, evaluate, flow chart, analyze workflows and do whatever else is required to make changes for the better. Changes which will move you forward to achieve greater and greater results.

Not taking the UPPROACH means you are stuck with the status quo!

If you aren’t taking the UPPROACH means you are satisfied with the status quo and have no desire to do better and grow. Begging the question: why? Why would you be satisfied? Why wouldn’t you want to continue to get better; to pursue excellence?

In these blogs I have written about how to be excellent in networking. I will continue to write those types of articles, but I will also write on taking the UPPROACH and pursuing excellence.

So why is the company called UPPROACH; because I am committed to making things better and I want my readers to have the same commitment!

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