If You Are Not Saying Anything, Nobody On LinkedIn Is Listening!

If You Are Not Saying Anything, Nobody On LinkedIn Is Listening!

Does this statement make sense to you? I’m sure it does, so how do you explain people, who expect others to take notice of them, when they aren’t saying anything? Sometimes even when you are saying things it is still difficult to get others to take notice. Whether you are in a situation with other people surrounding you or a profile wasting away on LinkedIn; if you are saying nothing no one will pay attention!

For the Past Week Few Have Paid Attention to My Blog!

What’s up with that? Doesn’t anyone care? Or maybe, it’s that I wasn’t around! I wasn’t posting new material! I wasn’t bringing any attention to the blog! I was quiet and therefore no one was listening!

Sunday, July 28th, I started a whirlwind of days of driving hundreds of miles. Sunday I drove 750 miles from West Linn, Oregon to Rexburg, Idaho; on Monday I drove 750 miles from Rexburg, Idaho to West Linn, Oregon. Friday, August 2nd, I again drove 750 miles from West Linn, Oregon to Rexburg, Idaho and Saturday I turned right around and drove back to West Linn. During this period my blog was quiet and guess what; no one paid attention!

Is Anyone Listening to You on LinkedIn?

If you’re not creating a presence on LinkedIn; no one is listening to you, reading your profile or contacting you! Now when I say creating a presence; I don’t simply mean a profile. You can have the greatest profile in the world but if you aren’t generating interest; few will see it!

The Lesson I Learned and You Should as Well

The lesson I learned is my success with LinkedIn and the Internet in general requires a consistent presence. If I stop my status updates, posts, articles, comments, etc.; people soon forget.

If you want to be Top-O-Mind; you must make a continuing effort to do just that. Top-O-Mind doesn’t just happen; it takes a conscious effort!


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