Five Reasons for Top Performer Success

Top Performers Succeed Because They Have Strong Relationships!

Have you ever met a successful individual who did not have a large network of contacts he or she could draw upon for help, advice, opportunities, financial assistance or an assortment of other needs?

My guess is your answer will be either you know they have a large list or you don’t know; very few will answer: the list is small. Whatever your answer, you can count on this; they have a large list! They know who to call, when they can call, why they can call and how the individual can help.

It’s important for us to study top performers so we can learn how they achieve their success. They have plowed the road for us and left a trail to follow; why not take advantage of what they have learned? Is there a need to learn the lessons for ourselves?

Five Reasons for Top Performer Success

1. Top Performers Know Relationships Start with Connections

Top performers are open to new connections. They have a plan for building their network. They have business and life goals which lead to their networking goals. Top performers know how and where to spend their time to maximize their networking goals and at the same time look for ways in which they can benefit their new connections. They lead with the value they are able to provide to the individual.

2. Top Performers Are Not Collectors; They Are Connectors

I’ve heard the term “networking mongrels” used to describe people who simply collect cards and have no interest in the card owner or developing a relationship. They give networking a bad name because they are only looking for what they can get from their new connection. They are identified quickly for what they are!

Top performers recognize it is not about the connection they can make rather it is the relationship which can develop. Sometimes the new friendships are instantaneous, sometimes they take a long time and sometimes they never happen; it may just take time to develop.

3. Top Performers Do Not Keep Score

Here’s another fact; top performers do not keep score! They don’t have records saying I did this for so-and-so; therefore this individual owes me. It doesn’t work that way. These individuals know what goes around comes around and they are just waiting for their opportunity.

If your desire is to keep score; you will not succeed because you will be so busy keeping score you will fail to act in a timely manner.

4. Top Performers Do Not Covet Their Network

Absolutely top performers protect their network for the sake of their network; however, they do not protect their network for themselves and the belief their network has only so much to give. They know the bounty of their network is limitless as long as they are treating their network with respect and proper care.

Top performers also know if they don’t share their network; their network will dry up. Why does it dry up you might ask? The reason is the network understands the person, who doesn’t share, is about him or herself and not about benefiting the members of the network.

5. Top Performers Recognize They Need Others

Top performers know they do not have all the answers. They recognized the importance and value others contribute. As I started out with this post; top performers know who they can go to for the specific advice and help they need for a given situation. They know their network and their network knows them!

It’s not who you know! It’s not how many you know! It all starts with “Who Knows You!”

How do you rate as a networker? Are you looking for ways you can benefit your network? Are you following in the path of top performers?

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