Why You Should Consider Beginning Your Career as a Temporary Employee

Why You Should Consider Beginning Your Career as a Temporary Employee

As a recent graduate being a temporary employee is not a normal thought; but maybe it should be. We are becoming a society of part-time workers and temporary employees; which means you must consider the temporary employment option or you may overlook some great opportunities!

The Job Market Is Changing and You Must Be Looking at All the Options

Today’s job market is not the job market of 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. Increasingly companies are going to temporary employees at all levels. Some companies will not even hire people for certain positions unless they first work as a temporary employee.

Keeping that in mind; recent graduates must look at all their options in order to see all the opportunities.

Other Reasons to Consider Temporary Employment

When you take a temporary job, it’s not long-term. Some look at this as a downside, but when you are working to gain experience why commit to long-term jobs? If you take a series of short-term positions you have the ability to go wider with an assortment of jobs exposing you to a broader understanding of work opportunities. Your other option is to take a series of short-term positions which build a deeper understanding of a specific skill set gained through working at multiple companies where each skill is practiced a little differently.

This building block approach of beginning your career as a temporary employee has two benefits.

  1. You will get more exposure to the actual position more quickly; and
  2. The experience you gain will qualify you for better pay as you move from one temporary job to the next.

Temporary employment is rapidly growing component of today’s workforce. Recent graduates can no longer afford to simply rule out temporary work as an option following graduation.


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How Stay-At-Home-Moms Can Build Workplace Confidence

How Stay-At-Home-Moms Can Build Workplace Confidence

This is the second in a series of posts about Stay-At-Home-Moms who want to return to the workforce.

Recent Articles on Stay-At-Home-Moms

I have been reading several articles lately on Stay-At-Home-Moms and to tell you the truth some of the stories are very sad and very few are written to help these Stay-At-Home-Moms return to the workforce. They are more downers than uppers which doesn’t need to be the case.

This past June in the Huffington Post, Lisa Endlich Heffernan wrote Why I Regret Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom about her experience. Even the title is sad when someone says they regret being a “Stay-At-Home-Mom”. Lisa was later interviewed on Fox News to elaborate on her story.

Technically Savvy, but Skills Were Lost as a Stay-At-Home-Mom

Lisa talks about how she was a very technically savvy person and with the rapid advance of technology she now feels left behind. What Lisa is not realizing is because technology does advance so rapidly it only takes 12 to 18 months to be back on top and additionally she already has a wealth of knowledge those starting out today do not and never will have. These are skills and experiences the workplace needs and will recognize these needs when presented as a selling point.

Stay-At-Home-Moms Should Not Have Regrets

The idea these women, who sacrificed careers to raise their children, have regrets is disappointing . The fact society doesn’t appreciate their sacrifice is a travesty! One of the casualties of how society views a Stay-At-Home-Mom is the damage done to a woman’s self confidence. The idea a Stay-At-Home-Mom doesn’t bring a variety of skills to the workplace is simply wrong. The idea she feels inferior is ridiculous. My previous post Overcoming the Stay-At-Home-Mom Stigma identifies a few of the relevant skills Stay-At-Home-Moms bring to today’s workplace.

How to Build Self-Confidence in the Workplace without Underselling Yourself

One of the recommendations I make to Stay-At-Home-Moms, as they re-enter the workplace, is to look into temporary work. The part I really like about temporary work is the opportunity the previously home-bound mother has to compare herself to others in the workplace without making a long-term job commitment.

Build Confidence Through Temporary Employment

Temporary work allows the opportunity to “try out” different jobs through short-term assignments from a couple of weeks to a few months. Each assignment can be a little or a lot different than previous assignments.

Several assignments in similar roles allows you to build a depth of knowledge for the position because each organization will do things a little differently. When you move from one organization to another you may be able to bring a technique or process from a previous assignment which makes things better and builds your reputation. Or you may select different types of assignments which broadens your understanding of different roles instead of going deeper into a specific role.

Broader experience prepares you more for small to medium businesses (SMB) where generalists are appreciated and deeper experience prepares you for a more specialized role which would exist in larger organizations. Once you decide which work experience you prefer; you can manage your temporary career to your goal.

Temporary Work Experience Builds Confidence and Can Justify Higher Pay

Using temporary positions to re-enter the workplace allows the woman to build confidence, skills, a work history and value. As she progresses through a series of temporary positions she can reasonably expect each opportunity to pay a higher rate.

I have counseled several women in using the temporary work approach; all with satisfying results. Temporary work can give you a leg up on your competition; give it a try.


My name is Tom Staskiewicz and my goal is to help everyone do a little better, get a little further and reach the success they are destined to achieve! Whatever I can do to help you or anyone to move forward in reaching your goals; I’m all for it. Check out our career site at http://toyourcareersuccess.com and sign up for our newsletter of career tips and ideas for job seekers, small and medium business owners, self-employed individuals, contractors, consultants or whatever; anyone wanting to move their career forward!

STOP! Undervaluing Yourself as a Temporary Employee and START Earning What You Deserve!

Don’t Undervalue Yourself as a Temporary Employee

Temporary employees are increasingly in demand by employers today. However, for some reason the stigma of being a “Temp Employee” remains.

Before Anyone Else Will Recognized Your Skills; You Must Recognize Them in Yourself

As a temp employee you must ensure your skills and experience are not undervalued by those who employ you. Whether it is the temp agency or the actual workplace; you are there because you, your skills or your experience are needed and don’t let people convince you otherwise.

Why the Stigma?

A great question to ask is why is there such a stigma on temporary employees? What have they done to deserve the derogatory label. Temp employees or contractors provide a valuable service to businesses.

Many times the stigma comes from the permanent employees. In the manufacturing environment permanent employees do not necessarily like the idea of a temporary employee being able to come in an essentially do their job after only a couple of hours of training. The truth is no one likes to think they could be replaced that quickly; it is unsettling. In unionized work places temporary employees are also looked upon as “union busters” because they are not union members and therefore pay no dues. The more powerful unions will have clauses in the contract pertaining to temporary workers. They will attempt to control things like pay rates, time on the job, treatment, layoff priorities, etc. in an effort to protect the dues paying union members.

<h3Everyone wants those around them to believe their job is difficult and a job only they can do!

In some ways the stigma works to the advantage of and is perpetuated by the temp agencies. If temp employees see themselves as something less than a valued worker it is easier for the temp agencies to pay lower wages and therefore increase their profit. In fact staffing agencies are some of the most profitable businesses in today’s economy.

Raising Your Value in Your Own Eyes

You may not be able to change the minds of others, but you can at least raise the value of your skills and abilities in your own eyes. Create a skills list you can use when you write resumes, update on-line profiles, have phone or face-to-face interviews or simply talk to people you meet. Having this list prepares you for questions, but more importantly it raises your own self-esteem and that is key to self-confidence.

Greater Self-Confidence Helps when Negotiating Your Pay

The previous exercise of listing skills and experiences enables you to appreciate the value you bring to an employer. If you manage your temp career properly you will be exposed to more learning opportunities through your various assignments. More opportunity leads to more knowledge; which leads to more offers and better pay. When you understand what you have to offer your self-confidence is much higher.

Most temp employees lack self-confidence when they are talking to recruiters and hiring managers; it’s time to put an end to it!

Would you like to earn more as a temporary employee?

I have successfully negotiated 5% – 10% increases in base rates and in raises during the life of the contract and you can too! You can get my special report, which carries a TWO-YEAR money back guarantee for 70% off the regular price if you order here.


Tom Staskiewicz writes on employment issues and has a special interest in temporary work. With over 15 years experience as a temporary employee working for multiple agencies and businesses he has a great perspective on what it takes to be successful as a temp. He has negotiated better starting pay and periodic raises for himself and others as temporary employees.

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