Your Fan Page Needs Your Friends

Do My Fans Need to Know I Administer the Facebook Fan Page

Here’s the deal. You created a Fan or business page under your personal profile; that makes you the administrator of the page. Unless you post something on the Fan Page that gives it away as to who you are; your Fans cannot tell.

Two Steps to Better Hide Your Identity

If you are still worried the best way to hide the details about yourself is through the security settings on your personal profile. What you want to do is manage the information that you want to share with everyone, your friends, and your friend’s friends.

The other protection is deciding who you will accept as a friend. You can control this and if there are people that you do not want to have access to your personal information do not send a friend request or accept a friend request from them.

You can also classify your friends using the FB “list” process and create lists and then assign your friends. When you post you have the option to select the lists that you want to see the post you are leaving. That provides an additional method of restricting who sees what content.

Why You WANT the Two Connected

The last thing is that your business reputation and brand come for most of us from our personal reputation. What role does your personal reputation play in your business and how much do you count on your friends for referrals. The more restrictive you are the fewer the referrals you will receive.


Tom Staskiewicz is a Social Media/Social Networking Coach helping businesses, organizations, and individuals to establish and manage their Social Media presence. Your Social Media presence doesn’t just happen and will not take care of itself. Tom helps you with those processes so your Social Media efforts will work for you.

Facebook “Like” and Comment

Interpreting the Use of the Facebook “Like” Button and Comment Features Is Not Intuitive

Do you pay attention to “Likes” and Comments to the posts on your profile or Fan Page? If the Viral Nature of Social Networking is important to you; understanding these features is critical.

My interest in how things happen causes me to focus on what I am seeing and as I pay more attention; more things come to light.

What I Have Seen

What I have noticed is when I see a post that originated with someone that is not a Friend or Fan; it does not always show up the same. Sometimes the comments have a familiar name attached, other times one or more Friend’s name are said to “Like” the post, and other times I will see names I recognize with both the “Like” and the comment. Does that sound familiar or ring a bell with you?

You May Say So What; If So, Read On

Before I go further I will remind you that “Like”, Comment, and Share are critical to going viral. If you are going to be successful with your Social Networking you must be going viral; which means your Friends and Fans must be “Liking” and Commenting!

Why the Differences in What We See

Facebook is all about the Viral effect and that is the reason for the differences in what you see. If you have a friend or friends that comment; you will see the post plus those comments. If your friend or friends only click “Like” then you will see the post and only that those Friends “Like” the post. If you see both, then you have Friends that are both “Liking” and Commenting. If you do not see the post, then that means your Friends did not feel it was worth “Liking” or making a comment.

Facebook is not going to bother you with information from people that you do not know. That is called spam and Facebook does not want to be a party to spam or claims of spam. The same goes for your posts; if your Friends and Fans do not feel your post deserves an action; it dies with them!

Is There Anything Else That Needs To Be Understood About Likes and Comments?

For you to see any post; it must originate, be “liked”, commented on, or shared by a connection of yours. This connection can be either a Fan Page or a Friend or be a paid advertisement where you meet the target market criteria. If one or more of these criteria is not met, you will not see the post.

Always Something New to Learn with Facebook

Out of Commission

I have been out of commission for the past three or four weeks and not posting anything. No, I was not sick; I had moved into exploratory mode with Facebook.

I frequently spend my time looking at different Fan Pages and wondering; how did they do that? It is not always an intuitively obvious answer; I just know that the did something I have not seen previously and until I learn what and how; I cannot get it out of my head.

During the past couple of weeks I have explored the use of tables for two reasons. My primary quest has been to put more color on my pages. FB has a color schema that controls how things look and while I understand their intent, I like more color. Sure I can post pictures, but I want color in the font, backgrounds, etc.

I am not an HTML or web programmer, by trade, but I am moving in that direction because of the things I keep picking up. It’s just a level of dissatisfaction on my part that keeps me moving forward. Some programmers study new things because they want to be current with the latest technologies. My motivation is that I want things to look good so they get people to act.

Without action from your readers, you have nothing and I am not happy with nothing; are you? I am putting in the effort to create something that interests my readers and causes them to take action. Part of that process is making things pleasing to the eye; thus my quest for color.

The second reason I wanted to implement tables was to organize things on the page. Sometimes information has a tendency to flow off the page or to a position in less than desirable locations; why should we be happy with that? I know we can do better and that is what I am after.

I am enjoying the capabilities of Facebook and I see many things that it can do for my clients. I will continue to pursue new and interesting things that can be done to make exciting pages that promote action. Watch my page as I progress, let me know how I am doing, and if I can help you; let me know.

Now that I am perfecting or at least getting better at the table and color functionality; it has become an issue of continuous improvement. If you have something you are trying to do with your page; let me know and maybe we can collaborate.

Have a great day!