Are You Jeopardizing Your Top-O-Mind Position?

Are You Jeopardizing Your Top-O-Mind Position?

Thursday I posted “How to Stay Top-O-Mind and Not Wear Out Your Welcome.” This was in response to a request I had from someone who wanted to be removed from my distribution list. That post was from the perspective of the person distributing information or emailing to connections. Today I want to look at it from the perspective of the person making the removal request.

How Do You Decide to Take Yourself Off a Distribution List

Asking to be removed from a distribution list requires careful consideration.

We are all inundated by email and always looking for ways to clean out our mailbox. Sometimes it can pretty difficult and frustrating because the removal process is obscure, doesn’t exist, doesn’t work, or has any number of other problems.

However, when we are receiving email from people we know; it’s an easy process. We simply send them email asking them to stop emailing their information. Hopefully they will honor our request but if that doesn’t work we can simply remove them from our contact list or block them.

Is this Top-O-Mind Jeopardy?

Two easy actions to rid ourselves of this annoying email. Think about it though, what have you just accomplished?

For some reason this person made a conscious decision to include you in the distribution of the information. Whether the person created the information or it was something they saw and felt inclined to send to you; they were thinking of you.

Isn’t having people think about you the purpose behind networking? Are you potentially jeopardizing your access to opportunities?

Have You Just Asked to Be Removed from Your Position of Top-O-Mind

Here you have a situation where someone is thinking enough about you! You are on their mind. They thought to send you some information but you are saying, “I really don’t appreciate your sending me information. In fact, I really wish you wouldn’t think about me!”

Is that your goal? Is that what you really want?

Maybe the message you are sending is, “I only want you to send me the information I find important or benefits me in a certain way; otherwise don’t bother me!”

Did You Say You Would Prefer I Simply Do Not Contact You?

What if this person had an opportunity to refer someone to you or your competitor; would they really be inclined to reach out to you when you said don’t contact me?

So What to Do if You Don’t Want the Email

So what do you do if you don’t want to offend the sender and you don’t want the email? Have you ever heard of the delete key? That’s the simple solution. Delete the message and do not say anything to the sender.
Your networking objective should be to become Top-O-Mind with as many of your connections as possible. You always want them thinking good things about you. You don’t want to offend them or start them thinking about your competitor. If you have people thinking about you; you must protect the relationship. You never know where your next referral will come from or when it will come. You must keep all avenues open.


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Facebook “Like” and Comment

Interpreting the Use of the Facebook “Like” Button and Comment Features Is Not Intuitive

Do you pay attention to “Likes” and Comments to the posts on your profile or Fan Page? If the Viral Nature of Social Networking is important to you; understanding these features is critical.

My interest in how things happen causes me to focus on what I am seeing and as I pay more attention; more things come to light.

What I Have Seen

What I have noticed is when I see a post that originated with someone that is not a Friend or Fan; it does not always show up the same. Sometimes the comments have a familiar name attached, other times one or more Friend’s name are said to “Like” the post, and other times I will see names I recognize with both the “Like” and the comment. Does that sound familiar or ring a bell with you?

You May Say So What; If So, Read On

Before I go further I will remind you that “Like”, Comment, and Share are critical to going viral. If you are going to be successful with your Social Networking you must be going viral; which means your Friends and Fans must be “Liking” and Commenting!

Why the Differences in What We See

Facebook is all about the Viral effect and that is the reason for the differences in what you see. If you have a friend or friends that comment; you will see the post plus those comments. If your friend or friends only click “Like” then you will see the post and only that those Friends “Like” the post. If you see both, then you have Friends that are both “Liking” and Commenting. If you do not see the post, then that means your Friends did not feel it was worth “Liking” or making a comment.

Facebook is not going to bother you with information from people that you do not know. That is called spam and Facebook does not want to be a party to spam or claims of spam. The same goes for your posts; if your Friends and Fans do not feel your post deserves an action; it dies with them!

Is There Anything Else That Needs To Be Understood About Likes and Comments?

For you to see any post; it must originate, be “liked”, commented on, or shared by a connection of yours. This connection can be either a Fan Page or a Friend or be a paid advertisement where you meet the target market criteria. If one or more of these criteria is not met, you will not see the post.