Has LinkedIn Hijacked Some of Your Profile?

LinkedIn Hijacked His Profile

This is a story of what recently happened to one of my LinkedIn connections! To top it off; this connection is a PREMIUM MEMBER, meaning they are paying LinkedIn! If it was a free account, it would still be unacceptable, but much more difficult to complain!

The content is a letter written to this connection by someone at LinkedIn. My connection chose to post the letter on his profile and I have chosen to write about the experience.

The letter is true to form, however, I have chosen to put some headings on the section using my normal heading process.

This could happen to you!

And the letter/posting begins

LinkedIn Customer Support Message

Subject: xxxxxx-xxxxxx

Hi name omitted,

Thanks for Contacting Us and I Will Assist You, but Truthfully There Is Nothing I Can Do.

Thanks for contacting us back. My name is [LinkedIn respondent’s name omitted] and I will be assisting you.

Someone at LinkedIn Has Decided to Test Your Profile; without Your Permission

It appears the activities section on your profile is currently being tested. Since this feature is being tested, it has been temporarily removed from your profile page.

Someone at LinkedIn Has Removed Your Activities Section, So… Not Only Can You Not See the Information; Your Connections Can Not See Your Recent Activities As Well

Since this is removed from your profile, your members will also not be able to see this feature for you.

Oh, By the Way There Is No Way for You to Opt Out.

There is not a way to opt out of our testing program.

However If You Jump Through This Hoop You Can See Your Recent Activities

However, anything that you do on your account, which would normally display in your “activities” section, you can view through your homepage under “your updates.” If you go to your home page and change “All Updates” to “Your Updates” you can see what you have done only.

Continual Testing and Your Account May Be One of the Beta Sites; without Your Permission

We’re continually testing the usage of product features by removing certain features temporarily. Periodically, these are tested on a limited scale to ensure correct data. To get the best results and control distortion of the results, our test participants are systematically chosen from a cross section of members. Because of this, you may become part of a test program before a full roll out to our mass membership occurs.

We Don’t Need Your Permission, but We Want Your Feedback!

Feedback from members like you is extremely helpful in shaping how features are changed or enhanced.

We Can’t Offer You the Option to Opt In or Out; it May Impact Our Results

We understand that some people might prefer to opt in or out of these feature tests. But since it could distort the results and would require a lot of extra tracking, the ability to opt in or out of this feature is not available.

We Apologize for Any Inconvenience, but We Really Don’t Care

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have further questions, please feel free to reply to this message.

To Bad, So Sad; but Have a Wonderful Day, Anyway!

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

What Do You Think; Is this what You Expect from LinkedIn? Speak Up!


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