Are There Stalkers on LinkedIn?

Are There Stalkers on LinkedIn?

I believe there are stalkers and I see them as anyone who chooses to view profiles anonymously!

Here is the scenario…

Somebody is watching you! They have checked out your LinkedIn profile and maybe they have done Google, Bing and other searches on you. Who are they? What do they want?

I was just looking at my LinkedIn statistics to see who has been viewing my profile. I saw several names, but some chose to remain anonymous. Why is that? Are they stalkers? Are they afraid of being identified? Are they ashamed? Should I be worried? I don’t know!

If this were happening outside your front door most people would be more than a little uncomfortable. So what’s the difference between stalking your house and stalking your profile; neither time identifying yourself?

Remaining Anonymous Is Bad Behavior

Yes, LinkedIn allows you to do some things anonymously and in some cases it’s perfectly okay. However, I don’t like the idea someone can come in, read my profile (or whatever I choose to make public) and remain anonymous. I don’t think it’s right and I don’t feel it is appropriate networking behavior; it’s very one-sided!

I Like to Know Who Is Reading My Profile

Personally, I like to know who has stopped by to read my profile. If someone has taken the time to view my profile, I like to reciprocate and look at their profile. Maybe there is a synergy which would make connecting worthwhile for both of us. Regardless, I deserve the opportunity to look and to know who is looking!

Effective Networkers Don’t Hide Behind Anonymity

Effective networkers are looking for opportunities to connect where there is a mutual benefit. You won’t find them lurking in the background, keeping themselves anonymous and leaving others wondering about them. Effective networkers are open because they are looking for ways to build their credibility and trust.

It Would Be Great if LinkedIn Allowed Us to Be Anonymous to Those Who Choose to Be Anonymous

Wouldn’t that be a great personal setting? If someone tries to access your information anonymously you could shut down anonymous viewers and prevent their seeing your profile. Being open with others who are open makes sense and that’s why I keep my profile open.

Networking is your opportunity to build credibility and trust! Hiding behind anonymity does the opposite. People are looking for reasons to believe you are credible, honest and trustworthy; don’t mess it up!


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