Top-O-Mind: When Was the Last Time You Thanked a New Connection?

Top-O-Mind: When Was the Last Time You Thanked a New Connection?

With LinkedIn and other Social Media sites it is easy to set your self apart from 99% of the other members. It’s as simple as saying “Thank You”. When you connect with a new person your thank you is the beginning of a relationship; the beginning is NOT simply sending or accepting an invitation to connect!

Simple Actions Can Reap Big Rewards

Your network can be a valuable resource and treating your members with respect and courtesy WILL work to your advantage. People love to be appreciated, especially because it doesn’t happen very often.

Thank Yous Are a Big Deal!

Very few people look for opportunities to appreciate family, friends and their network. We have become so busy and wrapped up in ourselves that the niceties in life have been forgotten. Because society has moved away from simple courtesies you have an open opportunity to show you are different!

Regardless of how busy you are or they are; people like to be acknowledged and appreciated! They like to know someone recognizes their efforts and is willing to say so. Be that person, be something different, reach out and appreciate the things others do!

When to Thank Your Connections

The opportunities to thank your connections are unlimited. As noted above, one of the first opportunities is when you are invited to connect or when an invitation you extended is accepted.

Less than 1% of LinkedIn members take the time to thank new connections.

Connection “Thank Yous” are private emails between you and your new connection. Your thank you is important because it starts to set the tone for the relationship; remember you are building your credibility.

Other times to thank your connections include when they like or comment on your post, send you congratulations on something work related, send you a birthday greeting or share something with you.

You can also thank your connections when they endorse you for a skill or write a recommendation.

How to Get the Most Mileage Out of a Thank You

Any thank you must, most of all, be sincere! Your sincerity will show and conversely a lack of sincerity will show as well; don’t mess it up!

With that caveat in mind; there are ways to get more mileage out of your thank yous. When you send an email thank you; it is between you and the recipient.

When you do the thank you as a post; all of your connections have the potential to see your thank you as well as the connections of the individual you are thanking. Again, you are working to build your credibility and being a thoughtful, caring person goes a long way in building credibility and trust.

If you are thanking people; you just can’t be all bad!

Taking time to tell someone you appreciate what they did or what they wrote is often overlooked because we don’t think it’s a big deal! However, what is you feeling when someone offers you thanks for something; regardless of the size of the effort? You may be a little embarrassed and feel it wasn’t necessary; but you still liked being acknowledged. Your connections are no different; a little acknowledgement can go a long way!


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