How to Stay Top-O-Mind and Not Wear Out Your Welcome!

How to Stay Top-O-Mind and Not Wear Out Your Welcome!

From experience I’m learning just because I feel what I say is important and some people agree with me; doesn’t mean everyone feels that way. You must be careful you do not wear out your welcome and tick off your audience!

So how do you stay Top-O-Mind? That’s what this post is all about!

It’s Easy to Wear Out Your Welcome Regardless of Your Intent

My son frequently tells my wife and I how humble he is. He’s very diligent in the process and talks about how he defines humility. Of course he is kidding – or at least I hope he is – if he’s not kidding he has no idea what the word means!

However, in his attempts to convince his mother and I; it gets old quick! He is wearing out his welcome on this issue.

Over Communicating Can Have Its Risks Too

When we are communicating with our audience we run the same risk. Again regardless of intent we can simply wear out our welcome. We need to be concerned with how and how often we reach out with our messages. We also must be concerned about the content of our messages; regardless of how relevant they may seem to us; our audience may not feel the same way. In fact, our audience may feel we are over doing it.

I sent the link to my post about “Neglect Is Your Ally” to several people and I had one individual respond by asking me to take him off my distribution list. However, it made me realize maybe my tactic wasn’t so good and maybe some people don’t like my posts. I need a lesson in humility from my son.

So How Do We Maintain Contact While Respecting People’s Privacy

Fortunately LinkedIn provides a way. Daily we receive updates from LinkedIn telling us what is happening with our connections: birthdays, promotions, new connections, their posts, job changes, new volunteer activities, etc. If you are astute you realize each of these is your opportunity to reach out to your connections and acknowledge their activity, accomplishment or special day.

You cannot let these opportunities go to waste! Even if you don’t know the person a congratulations, a like, a happy birthday, etc. will be meaningful. You need to take every chance you get on every Social Media platform to reach out and stay Top-O-Mind.

One complaint or request to be removed from the mailing list isn’t disaster, but it is a wake up call. Don’t wear out your welcome, you are hoping you can call on your network in the future and upsetting them doesn’t put them in a helpful frame of mind.


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