How To Stay Top-O-Mind with Customers, Clients, Prospects, et al?

How To Stay Top-O-Mind with Customers, Clients, Prospects, et al?

Staying Top-O-Mind is regularly putting yourself “in front” of your target audience.

Some clients ask isn’t there risk in being “in front” of my audience too much? Won’t they get tired of me?

Yes, but it doesn’t have to happen; the reality is it all depends upon your message! If you are providing relevant, informational messages your audience will not get tired; they will see value, pay even greater attention and seek out more information.

The message makes the difference!

Note: When I talk about audience I am referring to customers, clients, patients, prospects, recruiters, hiring managers, family, friends and Social Media or email contacts. Audience is an all-inclusive term.

You Message Must Be Relevant to Your Audience to Stay Top-O-Mind

You stay Top-O-Mind by being relevant to your audience’s needs and interests. What do they want to know? Notice I didn’t say what do they want to know about you; I just said what do they want to know. There is a huge and important difference here.

You can not stay Top-O-Mind with a continual barrage of information about you, your company and/or your products and services. In fact, there is no quicker way to lose or never gain the Top-O-Mind position than continually talking about these things. Your goal is to provide information your audience wants; you want to be a “go to” source where your audience knows they will receive valuable information on a particular subject.

Your Content Does Not Have to Come Solely from You to Stay Top-O-Mind

There are many ways to put messages in front of your audience; the question always comes back to the message itself as to whether it is going to help and be relevant to your audience. Some examples include:

  • Internally generated;
    • News releases;
    • Product/service announcements;
    • Business changes;
    • New employees;
    • ;Responses to audience questions;
  • Externally generated;
    • Repost or share content you see;
    • Like posts from others on Social Media;
    • Comment on posts from others on Social Media;
    • Create links on Social Media to articles you have read;
  • Subscribe to news sources which allow you to post their content as your own;
  • Sponsor blogs which create material relevant to your audience;
  • Promote cultural and charitable events relevant to your audience;

What Frequency Is Necessary to Get and Stay Top-O-Mind?

The greater your frequency of providing relevant and timely information the better your chances of getting and staying Top-O-Mind. Very few members of your audience will see every message you send. You have audience members who watch in the morning, others in the afternoon, some in the evening and others late at night.

Because of the different patterns of behavior; you can post frequently. To better understand your audience you can use Google Analytics, email statistics (if you use a service) or other methods to see patterns of behavior. The one caveat is if you are using email or sending to individuals – don’t overdo it. You can get too frequent if you are dropping into their mailbox.

Don’t Overdo Email!!

The better option is to post on a blog, dropping only periodic notes in their mailbox and refer them back to your blog for more great information. If you want to drop to their mailbox use a mail service and have your audience subscribe to the mailing list with opt-in and opt-out capabilities.

Sponsoring Other Blogs Which Include Your Message

Many relevant messages, which go to a particular business’s audience, are written by others but sponsored by the organization. These messages are broadcast to the business’s audience and the writer’s audience which gives the business exposure to a broader market where they would normally not have easy access.


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