Can YOUR Network Get You Where You Want To Go?

Can YOUR Network Get You Where You Want To Go?

… Zig Ziglar

We all have goals. We all want to go or get somewhere? A very few can do it on their own: the majority cannot… they need help!

Help starts with your network. The members of your network can open doors for you and, likewise, you can open doors for them. However, this only works if you have the “right” members, are a participant and you know about the members of your network; and last but most important your network members know about you.

Building the “Right” Network: a Quality Network

Successful networking requires you have the “right” members in your network. The “right” members are those you can help and those who can help you. This is what I refer to as a quality network.

What do I mean by a quality network? I define it as one which offers an equitable value exchange and is comprised of members capable of helping each other. The help can take various forms including information, perspective, guidance and connections. For the purpose of this post I am focusing on connections.

The Importance of Knowing the People in Your Network

For example I recently found someone on LinkedIn I wanted to connect with to discuss career opportunities. This was a second level connection of mine; meaning someone in my network was directly connected to my target. I contacted Ed, the mutual connection, to learn whether he knew my target. It turns out Ed knows the target very well and is happy to make the introduction.

As I talked about my interest in this connection; I also asked Ed about his new business.

Connecting the Dots…

In the process, I realized Ed was working in a similar world with my friend Jake. As I connected the dots it makes sense for Ed to meet Jake to better understand markets, but also to see what synergy exists. From Jake’s perspective his company is always looking for acquisitions which compliment and grow their business; maybe there is an opportunity for the two businesses. I don’t know; I’m just the connector starting the process to see what might develop.

Does this introduction add anything to me; not necessarily, but Ed and Jake may look more favorably upon me as a result and in the future that may be valuable.

This story is an example of a network which can help you get to where you want to go when you have the “right” members. You need to take a critical look at your network to determine whether you have enough knowledge to know what your network offers and whether it can get you to your desired goal. If you don’t know what, if anything, it offers; it’s time to figure it out!


My name is Tom Staskiewicz and my goal is to help everyone do a little better, get a little further and reach the success they are destined to achieve!

Do you need help with your message? Are you struggling for people to know you and what you have to offer? If so, I can help. My contact information is below or Email  Me Now! and lets get started.

Whatever I can do to help you or anyone to move forward in reaching your goals; I’m all for it. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

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