Backing Up Your LinkedIn Connections Part II

Backing Up Your LinkedIn Connections Part II

After writing my first blog post on backing up connections Have You Backed Up Your LinkedIn Connections Lately I have since learned there are problems when you have large lists; problems to the point LinkedIn will tell you the process may not work if you have over 10,000 connections.

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Not My Problem Currently

Currently I do not have the problem because I’m still relatively small from a connections perspective (about 1500). However, I find this disturbing; how does LinkedIn get away with creating a product with a defect this severe? The fact LinkedIn is free should have no bearing on whether the basic functionality of being able to protect your work through a backup process exists or does not exist.

LinkedIn Users Unite

Not to be a troublemaker, but this is unacceptable and we need to let LinkedIn know. I understand the issue of a long export process and how the process could tax the system, but what if we were able to export using the LinkedIn “tag” function? We tag or classify our connections and then have the ability to export based upon those tags. Wait, you’re not familiar with tags; watch for a future post describing why and how you use the tagging feature of LinkedIn.

Export Problem Recommendations from LinkedIn

LinkedIn says, “if you are experiencing difficulty with the export try again and maybe even try at a different time. You are on a shared server, your bandwidth is shared, and who knows what else; any one or a combination of these factors may be contributing to your problems. Try different times, networks, browsers, hard wired versus wireless and even different computers to see if you have better success.

Every process has a bottleneck which may slow the process down or stop it altogether. The challenge we face is determining whether we can resolve the bottleneck or if it is a bottleneck which must be resolved by someone else; in this case LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also says if you have more than 10,000 connections; the export may never work.

I have submitted a ticket with LinkedIn to see if I can learn more. I will keep you posted! In the meantime if you hear or experience anything; I would appreciate hearing from you.

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