Why LinkedIn Gives You Five Email Addresses

Why LinkedIn Gives You Five Email Addresses

In my previous post I discussed the importance of having a backdoor for your LinkedIn Account. I also mentioned you can have up to five email addresses associated with your LinkedIn account. This post explains why LinkedIn allows you to link up to five email accounts.

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Why Five Email Addresses

LinkedIn gives the capability but they don’t do a very good job of explaining why. I’ll clear the air in this post.

Some people actually have five or more working emails because of their involvement in the company where they work, the place(s) they volunteer, the self-employment they do, their educational pursuits, board of director positions or their personal account. Each activity may have an associated, active email address. For some people even five accounts may not be sufficient!

The Problem with Not Linking All Your Email Addresses

If someone attempts to connect with you using one of your email addresses and the email is not tied to your LinkedIn account; you will be told to create a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn doesn’t provide the option to connect to a different account, therefore you are stuck with these options: multiple LinkedIn accounts, sending your own invitation for this person to join you on LinkedIn, ignore the invite or the best answer is to add the email to your current LinkedIn account.

In my previous article Don’t Lose Access to Your LinkedIn Account – Create a Backdoor
I explain the steps for creating or adding an email account. You can also designate which account is your primary or preferred account where all LinkedIn messages should be directed.

LinkedIn provides many free features; sometimes they are not very good at explaining the purpose and sometimes I believe they think it’s a good idea, they may not know why, but they put it in anyway hoping someone will figure it out.

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