Your LinkedIn Profile Is it a Bridge to Nowhere?

Your LinkedIn Profile: Is it a Bridge to Nowhere?

Does your profile get your audience from point “A” to point “B”? Can your audience connect the dots from your skills to the value you provide and the accomplishments you achieved? If not, then your profile is not doing the job and it is time to change!

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The Purpose of Your Profile Is Two Fold

Your profile has two purposes:

  1. To inform and educate your audience on how you have used your skills and abilities to benefit your employers; and
  2. To entice members of your audience to contact you or tell others about you.

When someone, and I mean one because you are only talking to one person at a time, you must engage them with your profile. You were able to get them to your profile; the question is what are you going to get them to do once they are there?

Some Profiles Are Like the Bridge to Nowhere

We have all heard of the bridge to nowhere; what about the profile to nowhere! You click on an individual who wants to connect to review their profile and when you get there: nothing. They have no summary, a couple of companies where they worked and the dates of employment, a title and that is it!

The amazing part is their expectation this is a good representation of themselves and who they are. Nothing could be further from the truth. The profile says, “I am lazy, I really don’t care and I am definitely not giving you any detail!”

Your Profile Must Educate Your Audience on the Value You Bring!

What you need to do is to educate your audience on the value you offer to an employer. You don’t do this by listing a bunch of skills, you do this by demonstrating, in story form, what you have done for others. You want to explain how you used the skill in such a way your audience can relate what you have done to what they need to have done. When you can make this connection, you impact their mindset, you draw them in you are now engaging your audience and that is when success occurs.

It’s Who Knows You that Counts

We have all heard the old adage “It’s who you know” or the adage “It’s how many you know”; I contend the power is in “Who knows you?” In fact you can find my group on LinkedIn It is who knows you and you are welcome to join.

Just because you know someone doesn’t mean they know what you can do or have to offer. Just because you know lots of people doesn’t improve your opportunities. However, when they know you, that is when things can start happening.

A few years back I met a gentleman over lunch. I read his resume and he filled in the blanks. A couple weeks later a friend told me of a company which was hiring. I called and after a few questions I learned this man, I had met over lunch, was perfect for one of the open positions. I made the introductions and the rest is history. The gentleman was hired as the vice-president of manufacturing.

Because I had the opportunity to get to know him; I was able to connect the dots.

My question to you is where does your LinkedIn profile lead your readers? Who and how many people do you know who can connect the dots on your behalf? How many can hear of opportunities and realize you are a candidate? How many are willing to assist you in making the connection?

When you have individuals, who know you, working on your behalf; doors will be opened!

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