Making “Small Talk” Using LinkedIn Interests

Making “Small Talk” with LinkedIn Interests

If you are like many people making small talk, especially with someone you do not know, can be painfully difficult. LinkedIn has provided a tool, when used correctly, to move us past this hurdle.

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Have You Ever Had Difficulty Making Conversation?

Unless you are the absolute bore who cannot stop talking about him or herself; you will answer yes! This is especially difficult with people you have just met or hardly know. What’s a “safe topic?” How do you strike up a conversation? LinkedIn is coming to your rescue!

Using LinkedIn Interests to Rescue You When the Conversation Is Lagging

The LinkedIn interests section is at the bottom of your profile and for most people it is an afterthought. Don’t make that mistake! This poorly used section can make or break you when it comes to conversation or “small talk”. In this free-form section you can put those things, outside of work, which interest you.

Tell people you like:

  • To play golf;
  • Watch golf on TV;
  • Watch baseball;
  • Run in marathons;
  • Visit historic sites;
  • Read biographies;
  • Crochet;
  • Sew;
  • Take long walks;
  • Listen to the sounds of the ocean;
  • Go on cruises;
  • Go camping;
  • Work with youth groups;
  • Play in a band;
  • Sing, and as you can;
  • See the list goes on and on.

Why Do You Do This?

The purpose of this exercise is to get you through the awkward moments without you having to do all or most of the talking. If you meet someone who is on LinkedIn and you need conversational material ask what they wrote in the section. If they wrote little or nothing, tell them about this article and what you did as a result with your Interests Section. You can then ask knowing what you did, what would they put in their Interests section. Your objective is to make yourself look like the smartest conversationalist there is by getting them to talk about themselves.

The smartest and best conversationalist is not the person who does all the talking; it’s the person with the ability to get the other person talking!


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