Why You Should Consider Beginning Your Career as a Temporary Employee

Why You Should Consider Beginning Your Career as a Temporary Employee

As a recent graduate being a temporary employee is not a normal thought; but maybe it should be. We are becoming a society of part-time workers and temporary employees; which means you must consider the temporary employment option or you may overlook some great opportunities!

The Job Market Is Changing and You Must Be Looking at All the Options

Today’s job market is not the job market of 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. Increasingly companies are going to temporary employees at all levels. Some companies will not even hire people for certain positions unless they first work as a temporary employee.

Keeping that in mind; recent graduates must look at all their options in order to see all the opportunities.

Other Reasons to Consider Temporary Employment

When you take a temporary job, it’s not long-term. Some look at this as a downside, but when you are working to gain experience why commit to long-term jobs? If you take a series of short-term positions you have the ability to go wider with an assortment of jobs exposing you to a broader understanding of work opportunities. Your other option is to take a series of short-term positions which build a deeper understanding of a specific skill set gained through working at multiple companies where each skill is practiced a little differently.

This building block approach of beginning your career as a temporary employee has two benefits.

  1. You will get more exposure to the actual position more quickly; and
  2. The experience you gain will qualify you for better pay as you move from one temporary job to the next.

Temporary employment is rapidly growing component of today’s workforce. Recent graduates can no longer afford to simply rule out temporary work as an option following graduation.


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