Not Personalizing Your LinkedIn URL Is Like Having a Piece of Food Stuck in Your Teeth!

Personalized LinkedIn URL

If you already know about personalizing your LinkedIn URL don’t ignore this, send it to a friend who hasn’t. They really need your help!

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Everyone Around You Knows Your Secret, but Are Too Embarrassed to Tell You

To many, after ten years, this post will appear ridiculous, but if you search through your connections you will still find people who do not have a personalized LinkedIn URL. Amazingly some of these individuals will have been members for years and even be relatively prolific connectors with over 500 connections, yet they will still have a default LinkedIn URL.

Benefits of a Personalized LinkedIn URL

  • Your Personalized LinkedIn URL allows you to easily direct someone to your LinkedIn profile;
  • Improves your ranking in Google Search Results;
  • Demonstrates you are more than a novice on LinkedIn;
  • Makes your friends and connections think more highly of you; and
  • Tells recruiters and hiring managers you are serious about how you look to others.

LinkedIn Has Made the Process Easier than Ever; Here Are the Steps

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account;
  2. On the LinkedIn Nav Bar, hover over profile and click “Edit Profile” from the drop down, no drop down click profile;
  3. Below your name and number of connections is a small box which says “Edit Contact Info”; click the box;
  4. You can edit a lot of information here, which will be visible to your contacts, but skip to the bottom where it has followed by a bunch of numbers and your name is in there somewhere as well. Click edit;
  5. You will be presented with a box where you can enter your personalize LinkedIn URL following the the result will look like this You can enter your information in whatever manner you would like for your personalized LinkedIn URL. Again you can put anything and use any order; just remember keep it easy to remember you will be telling people this URL so they can connect! Once entered you click save and LinkedIn will check to see if your personal URL is available. If it is LinkedIn shows your new URL, if not, you will be instructed to try a different combination. Again you can use anything to create your personalized URL as long as no one else has claimed it.

You are done and have officially claimed your personalized LinkedIn URL.

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