Professional Networking – You Received a Promotion; What About Your Network

Have you or someone that works for you received a promotion lately? With the promotion come changes?

  • Expectations from their supervisors, managers, or executives;
  • There are now expectations from the new subordinates;
  • There are new expectations from peers, both inside and outside of the organization; along with
  • Learning the new job.

These are fairly obvious changes, but there is one that is not so obvious.

Don’t Forget About Your Network

Another change that must happen and most people overlook is the need to change operational and strategic networks! No longer do they depend upon Sally or Joe, who worked next to them, or Mary, their previous boss, for advice and counsel on how to do their job. No longer do they have the same supervisors, managers, or peer groups to help them out.

They must take the UPPROACH and upgrade their network.

New Positions Require New Connections

When a person receives a promotion they need to be looking at the changes that must happen to their network. They need to make contacts at the next level with the people that can help them and their team get their new job done.

Their operational network, those that help with day-to-day issues, and their strategic network, those that provide perspective on the position, the business, the industry, the economy, etc. will require some updating as a result of the promotion.

Don’t Abandon the Past Network; but Build for the New Challenge

The new manager doesn’t abandon those they networked with in the past, but they must recognize that their network must change because the support required will come from new sources.

Many of the failures that occur following a promotion can be directly tied to the failure of the newly promoted individual to make the connections required to succeed at the new level.

The new person needs the connections not only to succeed, but also to endear themselves to those they will at one time or another rely upon or will rely upon them. Bringing these connections into the network can help ensure that no one feels alienated or ignored by the new person.

Ideal Opportunity to Network

Some may be saying that they were never good at networking and they don’t have much of a network. If that’s the case then this is an ideal time to become a networker!

Now that they are into a new position, learning new things; this is an opportunity that they should embrace enthusiastically.

This is also an opportunity for the new person to show their managers that they are serious about the new position and that they are going to make the necessary relationship changes to ensure their success.

So where to start…

Their Operational Network Must Change

The operational network, you know the people that help with the day-to-day tasks, will be different. The new supervisor, manager, or executive must add people from their company to their network that are at the same organizational level and some that are one or two steps up.

The new manager must be bringing the resources into the sphere of influence that can help the manager and team make those day-to-day decisions. This could be members of the accounting, human resources, sales, marketing, engineer, administration, or other groups. Those that can provide valuable input into their day-to-day challenges.

The operational network may include vendors, customers, consultants, industry experts, subject matter experts (SMEs), industry peers, and peers in other industries that can share knowledge and provide additional perspective on the situation.

Operational networks can be a tremendous asset when adapting and building that network in the first 30 – 60 days. The recently promoted will also find people to be very receptive to the request to network.

Your Strategic Network Must Change

Their strategic network – the one that gives them perspective on their position – now and in the future, the company, and the industry – must change. The new manager must identify the people – both inside and outside the organization – that can provide the short and long-term perspective.

These people will be industry and career experts, consultants, company executives – inside and outside the organization, it could include board members, vendors, customers, and others that can provide perspective on where they see the position, the company, the industry, the community, the nation, and other factors that could influence the short and long-term future.

Where the Manager of the New Manager Fits the Picture

The manager of the new manager has a role to play in helping with the networking process. Obviously the new manager will not know everyone that could potentially have an operational or strategic network impact and the manager of the new person must assist in identifying these connections and introducing where necessary.

If the new manager’s manager is not doing this; then the question must be raised as to this manager’s commitment to the new manager’s success.


When careers take a turn by promotion it is incumbent upon the promoted individual to assess and make the necessary additions to their network to ensure their success. Failure to bring in the necessary resources is a formula for disaster.

Do you approach things with an UPPROACH? With the idea that when you make a change; it shouldn’t just be a change – rather it should be a change for the better. This was the premise that caused UPPROACH to be born. The idea of don’t just do it; do it better!

Tom Staskiewicz speaks, coaches, and consults on Professional and Business Networking and how Social Media is a tool in that process. He helps businesses, organizations, and individuals understand the power of networking and recognize that networking is a tool for giving.

Tom believes that when you give value to your network; your network will give value back to you. Using today’s Social Media tools makes Professional and Business Networking more efficient, improves decisions, and enables you to respond more effectively to your audiences.

Do you want to be more effective with your Professional and Business Networking? Would you like to be making more “warm” contacts instead of “cold” calls? Contact Tom to learn more about how he can help you and/or your organization reach your networking goals.

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