Are You a Person of Interest?

Are You a Person of Interest?

There is a new television show airing this fall: “Person of Interest” If you are trying to build a referral network; this is a great question for you to ask yourself.

Wanted Persons of Interest

I have looked at the content of the television show; however, the title definitely got me thinking.

In today’s world being a person of interest – for the right reasons of course – is a good thing! Whether we are in business, searching for career opportunities or even just a job, trying to be an influencer, or whatever; being a person of interest is desirable.

A Person of Interest Can Attract Opportunities

I know some of you are saying here it comes again someone talking about The Law of Attraction; but is that really all that bad. My experience is that most of the nay-sayers are people that have not tried to use the law or have only done it haphazardly.

The truth is that a person of interest has a far better chance of attracting opportunities than someone that is uninteresting. If you are uninteresting people cannot wait to get away from you. They definitely are not looking for greater exposure to you.

How to Become a Person of Interest

You may be reading and thinking that you do not fit this category, because you are uninteresting. That isn’t true! Everyone has an interesting story, but to truly be interesting; it starts with being interested in others.

Most people like some level of attention and when you take the time to ask them about themselves you are starting to become interesting yourself. The reason is that you are displaying an interest in them and not just in yourself.

When you are genuine in this interest it is easily recognized and your value immediately increases. Being genuine means that you actively listen by responding, asking questions, and restating some of the information to ensure you understand.

This is actually fairly simple process because most people do not do it!

When someone finds you sincere and genuine in your efforts a bond can rapidly form and a friendship develop.

Another way to become a person of interest is to share information with a perceived value with your network. Your network likes to receive valuable information and they will appreciate you more.

If you are sharing an article written by someone else; add your perspective on what it means to you and others. Don’t just send out the link; give a little of yourself and a reason for others to read the information. If you are really good people will start reading simply because it comes from you and you are a person they trust and respect.

When trust and respect are earned people that read your postings will forward them to their friends and contacts. Initially the information you create will stay among your distribution list. Obviously your goal is for the information to be repeated to others. This can happen and should be the objective for the person of interest.

It Is Who Knows You That Matters

If you are a person of interest that means that those looking for you already know something about you. This is key! When people know something about you it piques their interest in you and can make them want to know more.

When the bond or friendship forms you will both start looking for opportunities to help each other. You will each want to see the other succeed and will work to that end.

When people know you, know about you, and there is a bond or friendship; they have the information necessary to connect the dots and connecting the dots is what it is all about. When this person hears of an opportunity that might fit your skill set, your interests, or your product offering; they will be able to connect the dots to bring you and the opportunity together.

Do You Make Opportunities for People to Know You

Unfortunately most people do not take the opportunity to allow others to get to know them. They are reluctant to talk about themselves or crawl out of their shell to create opportunities to talk.

There is nothing you can do that is more counter productive to your goals! You need to reach out, you need to connect, and you need to give people the opportunity to learn about you.

To Be Successful; You Must Reciprocate

You need to remember that it is not all about you; you need to be ready and willing to reciprocate. If you are a person that just talks and talks and does not give the other person a chance; you will not be successful. You must learn about the other person so that you can add value to them as well. This is a trade-off process where you give value to get value.


Look for opportunities to get to know people and for them to get to know you. These are not just surface experiences; this is the real deal. Learn about people, find out what they are looking for and how you might help and of course give them the opportunity to learn about and help you as well.

Realize that you will not click on the same level with everyone, but your chances for developing mutually beneficial relationships will increase significantly and opportunities and benefits will flow both ways.

Tom Staskiewicz speaks and coaches on Professional and Business Networking and how Social Media is a tool in that process. He helps businesses, organizations, and individuals understand the power of networking and recognize that networking is a tool for giving.

Tom believes that when you give value to your network; your network will give value back to you. Using today’s Social Media tools makes Professional and Business Networking more efficient, improves decisions, and enables you to respond more effectively to your audiences.

Do you want to be more effective with your Professional and Business Networking? Would you like to be making more “warm” contacts instead of “cold” calls? Contact Tom to learn more about how he can help you and/or your organization reach your networking goals.

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