Are You Prepared for the UNTHINKABLE!

Many people thought and many people still think unemployment could never happen to them

We Are Living in the Age of the UNTHINKABLE

Working with the unemployed I see a lot of people dealing with the UNTHINKABLE! For whatever reason – lay off, plant closing, staff reductions, off shore sourcing, obsolete jobs, etc. – they no longer have a job.

Not only do they not have a job, they have not had a job for an extended period of time. They are dealing with the UNTHINKABLE.

Who ever thought we would be in an economy like the one existing today? For sure none of the supposed economic “experts”.

For sure there are people who say they saw the demise of the banking system or the trading houses; I am not so sure how much stock I put in their statements, but it is what some, at least, are saying. Even Alan Greenspan did not see this coming and admits not only did he not see it coming, it never even registered in his thoughts or planning.

Where Are You in Your UNTHINKABLE Thinking

Now we are fully in the Age of the UNTHINKABLE; where are you in your thinking and planning? Are you doing anything to prepare you if the UNTHINKABLE were to happen to you?

If you are like most people, your answer is NO. As a whole, we do not like to think about the UNTHINKABLE. It is easier to ignore and believe the UNTHINKABLE only happens to the other guy or the other family. It may get close, but it will never reach you.

This is ostrich thinking and no one can afford to have their head in the sand. Everyone is susceptible to the UNTHINKABLE. Everyone needs to have a plan as to how they would cope if the UNTHINKABLE were to happen to them.

How to Plan for the UNTHINKABLE

The first thing that must be done is to take your head out of the sand and look around. You must look for signs of the UNTHINKABLE coming in your direction. You must be:

      Open to things you do not want to hear.
      Open to things you do not want to see.
      Looking for things you do not want to hear or see.
      Preparing for changes you may not want.
      Looking for signs of change.

This all may sound ominous to you, but the reality is; if you are prepared you will have a plan. You may still be caught off guard, but by taking these steps you will be in a better position.

I will be examining these issues and what you can do to prepare yourself and your family in the event the UNTHINKABLE strikes closer to home.


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